This lesbian couple have an important message for their abusers

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A lesbian couple from the UK have a message of defiance for homophobic abusers that they have faced on the street.

The married couple, Jaymie and Daisy Fines, from Mansfield, revealed to a local newspaper the abuse that they had recently been receiving.

This lesbian couple have an important message for their abusers

19-year-old Daisy has had people shout homophobic slurs at her, as well as facing some people questioning her gender identity.

For the chef, the encounters have been “horrible”, as well as “embarrassing”.

Daisy explained one instance where a group of teenagers followed her through the city centre.

“They started shouting things like ‘what are you?’. They wouldn’t leave me alone.

“It was about the way I looked. I don’t look female in the slightest. They seemed to find it hilarious and were just being vile,” she added.

Daisy went on to explain that she would not learn to live with the abuse, and so she was hoping to take a stance against homophobia and transphobia in her area.

“Why should I have to put up with that sort of stuff for just trying to be myself?”.

The incident of abuse comes after a non-binary were subject to vile slurs on Facebook ahead of appearing on TV show, Good Morning Britain.

Daisy’s wife, Jaymie, decided that the best way to spread their story and take action against homophobia was to contact their local newspaper, the Lancashire Post.

Jaymie explained that she was fortunate enough to have known diversity.

She began” “Whilst walking through Preston my wife was subjected to transphobic, homophobic abuse. This is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate and my life partner.

“I’ve been blessed enough to be raised with a family who have filled my life with love. I have a fantastically diverse group of friends who have taught me to not fear what I don’t understand,” she added.

The woman, who is a therapist in training, went on to explain that in her line of work she has grown to understand how to have “empathy and patience for people who have sorrow and hate in their hearts.”

She added: “My message is simple. Your hate is your own. You will not infect my family with your hate.

“We are love. We are light. And you’ll never bring us down.”

A report from January showed that the number of recorded homophobic crimes in England and Wales has surged, with an estimated 20 crimes being carried out against the LGBT community everyday.

1,844 homophobic hate crimes were recorded by London’s police force, the Metropolitan Police, while 494 were recorded in Greater Manchester and 372 in the West Midlands.