Liberal Democrat general election poster labelled ‘transphobia’ by activists

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A general election poster for the Liberal Democrats has been called out as transphobic.

The party launched a major new advert attacking Theresa May last week, unveiled by party grandee Sir Vince Cable.

However, their choice of images has caused controversy among party activists and trans rights campaigners.

Tim Farron

The contentious poster features Nigel Farage’s face superimposed onto Theresa May’s body.

A pearl necklace can also be seen hanging below Farage’s face.

The poster’s caption reads: “Vote her, get him”.

Activists were quick to label the post transphobic.

Jennie Rigg, chair of the Liberal Democrats’ LGBT+ group, wrote: “Guys, this is bordering on transphobia, and it would make my job as chair of plus a lot easier of you didn’t do this sort of thing.”

When challenged by a party loyalist that the post was intended for humour, Rigg replied: “I’m not missing the humour, I just don’t find humour that picks on people who already have a suicide attempt rate of 50% that funny.”

Catherine Baker, a university lecturer, wrote: “I wish progressives wouldn’t make posters that depend on disgust at seeing men’s features on a woman’s body/vice versa. This is transphobic.”

Many users disagreed, however, arguing the point it was attempting to make was not about gender.

twitter responses

It comes after Tim Farron refused to say whether or not he believes gay sex is a sin.

He eventually clarified his position, saying he did not believe it to be a sin but did think politicians should be allowed a private view.

Liberal Democrats aren’t the only party to have scandals since the snap general election was called for June 8.

The Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight was forced to step down after telling school student it is “wrong” to be gay.

Meanwhile the chair of Labour’s biggest university club was forced to resign after syaing he would “slap” his child if they backed gay rights.