JK Rowling has gloriously burned a homophobic Trump fan

JK Rowling with homophobic tweet

JK Rowling is a world-famous author who has made more money from writing than any human who has ever lived.

And yet, she continues providing entertainment, even with the Harry Potter book and film series both wrapped up (save a Fantastic Beasts sequel or four).

In recent times, Rowling has become the queen of burns and mother of Twitter comebacks – the undisputed champion of takedowns.

And sometimes, you’ve just got to crush a homophobe or two.

The author, who has long opposed Donald Trump, sent a tweet criticising the US president for shoving a fellow NATO leader out of the way during the organisation’s meeting last week.

After she posted it, a misogynistic Twitter user with no followers decided to take her on.

They wrote in reply: “JK Rowlings thinks shes tough. Stupid dyke. [sic]”

Her response turned the ??? levels up to 11.

Classily blanking out the homophobe’s name, she began: “#FactCheck”.

She continued: “1. I don’t think I’m that tough.

“2. I definitely do stupid things sometimes.”

And then the coup de grace.

“3. I’d be so gay if you were the alternative.”

Earlier this month, a Trump supporter, who optimistically named themselves The Beat Boss, retweeted the Harry Potter author, adding a…geographically challenged comment.

“Actually POTUS RUNS our country, whether you like it or not,” he wrote.

“If you don’t, get the hell out & move to Mexico or Canada. Got it?”

Rowling, the first billionaire author, has won head-to-heads with Piers Morgan and thrown glorious amounts of shade at Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the past.

The latest victim of her majestic tweets, a Trump fan who retweets racist memes, was no match.

Rowling shared the post, writing: “I’ll probably just keep living in Scotland.

“Thanks for the input, though.”