Tim Farron refuses to tell LBC radio caller that homosexuality is not a sin

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Tim Farron has refused to say whether homosexuality is a sin in an excruciating radio interview.

Appearing on LBC, Farron was confronted by a caller on his views of homosexuality and appeared to backtrack on previous comment that it was not sinful.

In an interview with Channel 4 at the start of the election, Mr Farron was asked whether gay sex was sinful – and refused to answer the question, insisting he would not “spend my time talking theology”.

Tim Farron

Despite later telling the BBC that it is not a sin to have gay sex, Farron refused to repeat his views when challenged this morning.

Brian, from Highgate in London, said to Mr Farron: “You think that homosexuality is a sin, I think that’s a perversion of Christianity, that’s the question I want you to address.”

However Mr Farron refused to answer the question, despite being asked three times.

He responded by discussing his support for LGBT rights and removing the spousal veto for trans people, but refused to address whether or not homosexuality is sinful.

“I’m not asking you about that, what I want to do is find out more about you as a human being, as a person and your religion is a very important part of you as a person while you are standing for this election.

“I want to know why you think homosexuality is a sin.”

Mr Farron replied: “I am a political leader and I am a liberal to my fingertips.”

“Just answer the question about whether it is a sin to be homosexual,” host Nick Ferrari pressed him.

“I’ve already answered that.”

The Liberal Democrat leader faced weeks of questions on the subject at the start of the campaign.

Tim Farron refuses to tell LBC radio caller that homosexuality is not a sin

He dodged repeated questions on the issue in interviews with LBC and ITV’s Robert Peston, while he was also challenged on the issue in Parliament.

Mr Farron previously spoke candidly about his mixed voting record on equality legislation in a PinkNews interview, saying that he “regrets anything that gives people the wrong impression”.

Through his time in Parliament Mr Farron has lobbied on a number of other issues, championing transgender equality and criticising the blanket ban on blood donation by men who have sex with men.

He also personally intervened in Parliament to help secure the safety of a transgender woman who has been sent to a man’s prison.