Straight men in ‘bromances’ share kisses and cuddles according to research

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New research has revealed that heterosexual men in “bromances” are likely to share cuddles and kisses.

The study analysed 30 British undergraduate sports students and their relationships with their best male friends.

It found that most of these men had formed close bonds with their closest pals, despite what masculine stereotypes may have led you to believe.

The research, which was published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, found that those who were studied would often have physical contact in the form of hugs and sometimes kisses.

Adam White, the researcher for the study, explained that this type of “bromance” was probably more than best friend status and more like a brotherly love.

White explained: “Participants suggested, for example, that a bromantic friend was ‘someone who is literally there for you all the time’ and ‘will always be there to back you up if you need it’.”

He added that all participants in the study had at least one friendship which they would consider to be a “bromance”.

“A bromance is between friends whose mutual support is perceived as limitless and unwavering. All of the participants said they had at least one relationship they would class as a bromance,” White added.

As well as offering emotional support, White explained that “non-sexual physical intimacy” was a normality in a “bromance”.

“All but one of the men interviewed engaged in cuddling and spooning their bromances, and most had kissed their bromances.

“They said things like: ‘You can lie in bed with your bromance, have a cuddle and just talk’,” White added.

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