This woman wants to raise her kids gay

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A father is seeking help after his wife announced that she intends to raise their children gay.

Turning to Stack Exchange, the husband, Kevin, revealed that his wife had was inspired to have gay children because of their gay friends.

She also wishes to raise them genderless, which is a concept that Kevin can get behind.

He wrote: “We are planning to have our first child in about a year. My wife is very much into raising them genderless (or “post-gender” style) while my take on it is that we should raise them in a non-stereotypical manner, keeping an open mind for all there is. I even have problems defining how raising a child “genderless” should look.

“However, my wife has many homosexual friends (men and women alike) and really wants at least one of our kids to also be homosexual, which is the real issue.”

He explained that he had no issue with having gay children, but he did not want to force them into it.

“We live in a modern city and I really don’t have any problems with our kids becoming homosexual, but not on purpose! I mean, if we somehow force it, it could go horribly wrong (effects on psyche etc.),” he added.

The clearly concerned husband reached out to the internet to ask for advice on how to move forward with the situation.

“How can I deal with this situation? Is my wife overreacting or am I wrong here? How can I approach that topic with my wife?

“It seems to me that this is some kind of extreme take on raising a child genderless (by essentially willingly flipping its sexuality around)”.

Fortunately, everybody agreed that there was no issue raising children as “genderless”.

However, the controversial topic caused outrage online by those who were horrified at the thought of pushing a sexuality.

One person explained that the concept was the same as forcing a gay person to be straight.

They wrote: “Forcing your child to be gay and genderless is exactly the same as forcing a trans gay child to be cis and straight. Didn’t we spend decades fighting that sort of thing?”

One person suggested that the couple goes into therapy or parenting classes.

Another person described the action as “child abuse”.

“Stop the plan to have kids now! I’m not joking, I’m not playing, I am not saying it for shock value. STOP,” somebody else summed up.