Trans man happy to complete surgery to make him look like Shayne Ward

A transgender man has revealed his new look after spending half a decade getting surgery to look like his idol Shayne Ward.

Parent of two, Shay Robertson, 46, of Northampton chose his name as a tribute to the singer-turned-Coronation Street actor.


Robertson says he saw Shayne Ward on TV which helped him realise he was a trans man and not a gay woman as he previously thought.

He later transitioned and underwent surgery with a view to looking more like Ward.

Shayne Ward has even tweeted to say that he is “absolutely honoured” by the gesture.

Ward added: “You look better than I do.”

Speaking to the Mirror, Robertson says: “I’m delighted he is so supportive. He inspired me to embrace my true self.”

He explained: “For years I thought I was a gay woman. But watching Shayne perform on stage, everything made sense.

“While most female viewers probably wanted to date him, I wanted to look like him. I finally realised I was trapped in the wrong body.”

Ward even sent Robertson a signed photo.

Robertson adds: “It meant so much that he knew he’d inspired me – I plan to have that signature tattooed over my skin graft scars.”

But more than anything Roberton says he is just happy to be able to be his true self.

He tells the Mirror that for years he tried to live as female in relationships with men, but that eventually he realised he was trans and underwent gender reassignment surgery.

Then with a woman, Julie, Roberton says he saw Ward’s single Gotta Be Somebody on TV.

He added: “I commented on how good he looked. But it wasn’t attraction, it was admiration. His cool, casual style caught my attention.

Trans man happy to complete surgery to make him look like Shayne Ward

“I touched my face while admiring his stubble and Julie said: ‘You want to be a bloke, don’t you?’ Everything suddenly made sense.”

Robertson began to transition in 2014 and on growing facial hair he shaved his stubble to look like the star’s.

Robertson adds: “My body has been through a lot, but finally I feel happy in my own skin.

“I am comfortable with who I am and love getting called mate or fella at the garage.”