Hundreds of thousands march in Sao Paulo Pride parade

LGBT members from all over Brazil attended pride last Sunday, in Sao Paulo, Brazil (MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL/AFP/Getty Images)

This Sunday hundreds and thousands of people gathered in Sao Paulo in Brazil for one of the world’s largest gay Pride parades this year.

Sao Paulo’s Pride organisers have voiced the importance of the need to protect their rights from groups that wish to condemn the LGBT community.

Two pride parade goers

Two parade goers at the 21st Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil (MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL/AFP/Getty Images)

Organisers had expected at least 3 million people to attend the parade but no official figure or estimates have been released.

“Our main enemies today are religious fundamentalists,” said the Parade organiser Claudia Regina on the Parades official Facebook page.

Regina went on to warn that some groups insist on condemning and “removing the rights that we have already obtained.”

Some marchers in the parade event opted to voice political views during the parade, holding up signs of U.S President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin being depicted as drag queens.

Many of the parade goers share the sentiment that religious fundamentalists and anti-LGBT groups pose a significant threat to their rights.

According to the event organisers the motto of the parade was “whatever our beliefs, no religion is law.”

So far, this year 160 members of the LGBT community have been killed in Brazil.

Paradegoers rejected the religious conservatives currently in government as there have been reports that they have been hostile towards members of the LGBT community.

Some have even called for Brazils president Michel Temer, to resign after putting both women’s and LGBT rights at risk.

People across Brazil have been putting more pressure on the government to protect gay rights.

This was Sao Paulo’s 21st annual gay pride parade and many media reports claim that there were at least 10 city blocks full of people.

Tourists from all parts of Brazil and Latin America had flown into Sao Paulo to partake in the pride celebrations.

The city also released a statement in which it said it had invested over $400,000 in infrastructure for the parade.