New York City officially declares ‘Laverne Cox Day’

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New York City has officially declared that it has a day to celebrate out trans actor Laverne Cox.

The city’s mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement this week that June 22 would be known as Laverne Cox Day.

The Mayor made the announcement at his official residence Gracie Mansion on Thursday.

Bill de Blasio

Cox, also present at the Mansion, said: “Can you believe that a black transgender woman from Mobile, Alabama, raised by a single mother has a day in New York City named after her?”

Going on, Cox called for reforms in policing and civil liberties in the US.

She also honoured Philando Castile and also called for transgender bathroom rights to be protected.

Watch the moment below:

Cox earlier this week spoke out about why she thinks Donald Trump did away with Pride Month celebrations at the White House.

Co-host of The View Joy Behar brought up the issue to Cox.

“It’s not surprising, but we are Americans too,” Cox responded in the live chat.

“Trans and LGBTQ folks are still experiencing a lot of discrimination in this country and our lives should be acknowledged.”

Pressed on why she thought Trump had failed to acknowledge the celebration, the actress had a very shadey explanation.

“Well, he’s really busy… he’s now under investigation so…” she says.

“He’s got a lot to deal with,” she adds before trailing off with “Oy vey.”

It comes after she spoke out about casting trans roles and whether cisgender actors are suitable for the job.

Cox spoke about the issue last week after controversial clips from the film “Anything” were released.