Ridiculous homophobic petition launched to boycott Raspberry Pi computers

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A change.org petition to boycott Raspberry Pi computers has been launched because its makers apparently promote a “gay agenda”.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has made massive strides in getting young people into computer coding with the 2016 launch of its budget price credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computers and associated software, which can be used by professionals and amateurs.

The petition started by user NoRottenPi notes that the Raspberry Pi website features an image of a rainbow near children.

Ridiculous homophobic petition launched to boycott Raspberry Pi computers
According to the petition The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes a gay agenda and can influence children (Change.org/ user NoRottenPi)

“The Raspberry Pi Foundation is using its product to promote Gay/Lesbian/Transgender agenda even to minors,” reads the petition.

“I do not believe it is appropriate to use an educational product as a vehicle to promote Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender causes to our children.”

Apparently, the foundation is “opposing anything that supports a heterosexual lifestyle”.

The petition continues: “They want to tell your children it is ‘ok to be gay’ even if you as a parent work diligently [sic] and carefully to put your child on a hetrosexual [sic] path.”

Despite being unable to spell heterosexual, the petition continues.

“Raspberry Pi Foundation should immediately remove the rainbow flag from all of their web site. It has no place with an educational product.”

“They should furthermore refrain from promoting any gay, lesbian, transgender or even sexual preference in their promotional material, web sites or anything related to the Raspberry Pi Foundation or any of their related products.”

User NoRottenPi voiced their concerns in online forums “suggesting they should keep the rainbow flat an arm’s length from their educational product”.

The creator of the petition says that they were labelled as a “homophobic bigot” in the forums and claims to have been verbally attacked.

Chris Smith, one of the people who signed the petition, said – possibly in jest: “This filth has to stop. I’m not a bigot because some of my friends are gay but these filthy rainbows are everywhere and corrupting our youth.”

The petition went on to pose an utterly ridiculous and more-than-offensive question.

“Are these adults seeking young partners and feel the need to indoctrinate other peoples [sic] children to their chosen lifestyle?”

Of course the petitioner said: “I do have gay friends and I am not afraid of gays nor lesbians nor trangenders , so I am NOT homophobic, but I must question the agenda when it appears in this form.”

The petition has an initial target of 100 supporters but has so far failed to get even 30.