Teen Vogue publishes controversial guide and people can’t deal with it

Teen Vogue has published a guide to anal sex by a sex educator and people have lost it.

The article was written by Gigi Engle and is aimed at “teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.”

Intended to be educational, the guide hoped to educate readers on preparation, anatomy and comfort.

Teen Vogue screenshot

It also included for those with prostates and those without.

The article also put a strong emphasis on a need for “enthusiastic consent” and the use of condoms.

Many have complained on social media about the article, and an article has been published on The Stream, a Christian website.

“Wake up, Moms and Dads!” it reads.

“A magazine produced for your teenage daughters is giving them explicit instructions…”

It adds: “It is teaching them to be used by a guy, in a very dangerous way, for his pleasure and satisfaction.”

The article also took aim at gay sex, saying: “And, of course, it is glorifying as good, normal and healthy, the harmful practice of homosexual sex.”

Another to comment on the article, YouTuber Wild Smile said: “This sounds like an article that’s trying to convince somebody to try this… And oddly enough, it’s written by a woman.”

In addition, feminists have attacked the article for using the phrase “non-prostate owner”, and saying that the diagram should have included a clitoris.

JJ Barnes wrote in the Independent: “The clitoris, the actual hub of female sexual pleasure, has been removed. The lack of a male body part is the focus of what defines the female body, and what is actually there isn’t identified at all.”

“What is this teaching the audience of a magazine aimed at teenage girls?” Barnes adds.

Teen Vogue screenshot

“It tells them their identity is not ’woman,’ but rather ’non-man’ … [that] their body is just a hole for the man to penetrate, and the part of their body that is most sensitive and reliable for the female orgasm is so irrelevant that it doesn’t even warrant a label.”

Many took to social media to complain about the article, including a hashtag #boycottTeenVogue.

One parent wrote: “It’s times like these I’m happy to have boys!”

Teen Vogue is not the only one trying to educate young people about non-vaginal sex.

Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow also wants to teach you about it.

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