Scottish Government unveils plans for gender neutral school toilets

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New proposals from the Scottish Government include plans for schools to introduce gender neutral toilets.

The move has already been welcomed by equality campaigners, who say it will help reduce bullying, as well as make toilets safer for young people.

Current legislation, introduced in the 1960s, states that schools much have an equal split of toilets for boys and girls.

New proposals, however, suggest updating the law to make sure people with a disability are catered for, as well as “address gender issues”.

The report goes on to say that the current Schools Premises Regulations “need to be updated and simplified to meet current expectations”.

Speaking to The Scotsman, James Morton of Equality Network welcomed the move, adding it would have a positive impact for trans pupils.

“We welcome the proposal from the Scottish Government to introduce gender neutral toilets across more schools in Scotland,” he added.

“A significant number of Scottish schools already successfully have gender neutral toilets. Schools have found that gender neutral private cubicles with open washing spaces reduce bullying and graffiti.

“Therefore, gender neutral toilets are safer for all young people. They are particularly beneficial for transgender young people because otherwise transgender pupils often fear going to the toilet so much that they refuse to drink liquids during the day and experience dehydration.”

Scottish Government unveils plans for gender neutral school toilets

Despite the obvious benefits though, gender neutral bathrooms have repeatedly come under fire from campaigners.

Earlier this year Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn called the idea a “trans tyranny”, adding they were “erasing traditional values.”

Writing in the paper he expanded: “This is just the tip of the ‘trans’ tyranny, which has been driven by a vindictive, gobby minority within a minority — egged on by the usual Left-wing rabble and predictable procession of pro-celebrity virtue signallers.

“Of course, this isn’t really about trans ‘rights’, it’s part of the remorseless revolution aimed at erasing our traditional values and demonising small ‘c’ conservatives.”

BBC Presenter Samira Ahmed also went on a three hour Twitter rant earlier this year about London Barbican’s gender neutral facilities.

Posting on the social media site she said: “So dear Barbican Centre bosses, listen to your customers. Women [have enough] trouble with queues without you imposing your politics.”

Morton, however, claims that gender neutral toilets are not a “radical new idea”.

“They have been commonplace in schools and public venues across Europe for many years. Indeed, we all use gender neutral toilets every day without thinking about it – on planes, trains, and most importantly – in our homes.”