This father wrote a heartwarming letter to his son after hearing his plans to come out

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Coming out can be unnerving for any LGBT+ person – especially when telling their very closest family

For some gay teenagers, coming out to their parents can be the hardest thing of all.

For all the unconditonal love promised by a mother and father, there can be an overwhelming fear of somehow disappointing them, just by who you are.

For one gay teen, coming out was made a lot easier

When a father heard his son, known only as Nate, speaking on the phone about wanting to come out, he decided to spare him the hassle and upset.

Nate, a Michigan high-school student, was talking to his boyfriend Mike when his dad overheard him expressing his fears about coming out.

Coming out letter (FCKH8)

So, his father beat him to it and sent Nate a supportive letter, explaining that he had known for a long time that he was gay, and that all that mattered was that he bought orange juice and bread after school.

He went on to write a post script which said that he and his boyfriend Mike, make a cute couple.

Father and son

Here’s what the full letter read:


I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me. The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class.

We are out, like you now.

I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born.


PS Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.

But how did it end up going viral?

The touching story hit the internet back in 2013, and has been held up as a good example of parental love since then.

The note first appeared on the Facebook page of FCKH8 – an anti-homophobia organisation. FCKH8 released a brief statement explaining that Nate had sent the letter to them himself.

Coming out letter (FCKH8)

The statement read: “We hope it sets a good example for fathers to love their kids the way they were born.

“The fact that it has been shared by so many sadly means that this kind of acceptance is both too rare and deeply craved by LGBT people so used to being rejected by families.”

Naturally, Nate’s dad’s approach was praised by LGBT groups

FCKH8 founder Luke Montgomery later told Yahoo: “We get a lot of crazy stuff, so I almost didn’t look at it.

Coming out letter (FCKH8)

“It’s actually sad so many people are excited about it. And what I think that says is, one, it’s rare, and that’s really bad. And two, people are really craving this kind of reaction.

PFLAG, a support organisation for families with gay kids, also commented on the letter, telling Yahoo: “This letter is what PFLAG is all about — what child doesn’t want to receive unconditional love from his or her parents?

Coming out letter (FCKH8)

“For some, like this dad, it comes quickly. For others, it may take time. But regardless of how or when they get there, parents need to have their kids’ backs, no matter what.

“So applause for Nate’s dad. And Nate? You better remember the OJ and bread!”

Read the full letter below:

Coming out letter (FCKH8)