‘This is Nazi f*cking America’: shocking video shows racist Trump supporter launch into homophobic rant

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A shocking video showing a racist Trump supporter launch into a homophobic rant against a woman who confronted him has been shared online.

Page Braswell decided to confront a man in her neighbourhood who was flying a Nazi flag outside of his home.

In the video, Braswell pulls into his driveway and the man, who identifies himself as Joe Love, walks towards her.

“Alright lets find the Nazi house,” Braswell says to the camera as she approached the house.”Let’s see what they have to say about the Nazi flag. They’ve got a Trump sticker on their trunk.”

When she gets out of the car Braswell asks him “what’s up with the nazi flag?”

He retorts: “What’s that flag got to do with you? do you make the payments on this f*cking house?”

Braswell asks again, stating that they were in America and not Nazi Germany.

The man said: “Don’t worry about it. You get your ass in your car and get the hell out of here.

“That’s the best thing I can tell you. I know you’re filming me. F*ck you,” he says, coming closer to the woman.

He proceeds to ask her what flag she flies, to which Braswell informs him that she has a rainbow flag outside of her home.

The man asks: “Well what does that tell me about you?”

“That I’m not a Nazi,” Braswell responds.

“I’m not a Nazi either. This is Nazi fucking America,” the man states.

Braswell is clearly shocked by the statement and the man continues to demand that she gets in her car and leaves.

“Let me ask you something,” Braswell adds. “Do you think that Trump had something to do with all of this?”

The man, who had been repeatedly telling her to “get your ass out of here” then threatens Braswell.

“If you don’t get out of here me and you are going to have trouble I promise you that.”

Braswell begins to leave at which point he launches into a homophobic tirade against her, presumably sparked by her telling him that she flies a rainbow flag.

“You take your queer ass on, your lesbian ass on, big fat f*cking ass on and go home bitch,” the man shouts at her.

Following the encounter, which happened in North Carolina, Braswell posted the video on Facebook.

Many have celebrated Braswell for her fighting against the far-right, however, some expressed worry for her safety.

Since the footage emerged, the man – Joe Love – has attempted to back pedal on the shocking footage.

Talking to the Gaston Gazette, Love said that “he doesn’t hate anybody” and tried to argue that he had displayed the Nazi flag as a reference to the Hindu peace symbol.

“That used to be a religious symbol in India until Hitler got ahold of it,” Love said. “A lot of people don’t know that… I agree with the symbol as it started out as a religious symbol. But as far as backing Hitler and being a white supremacist and Hitler, I’m not into that.”

He then said that he had displayed it after several Confederate flags that he had put up were stolen.

Love then said that he planned to replace the Nazi flag with a Confederate flag in the hope that it would “make the world a better place”.

The abuse comes after far-right white supremicists, Nazi’s and KKK members protested in Charlottesville over the weekend and chanted “f*ck you faggots”.