Anti-gay Christian cult leaders arrested on child sex abuse charges

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Leaders of a fringe militarised Christian sect have been arrested on child sex abuse charges after a raid on their compound.

The Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps group is a fundamentalist Christian sect in operation in New Mexico.

The armed group, which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, was raided by police earlier this weak over allegations of child abuse.

Several members of the group have been arrested and charged with a string of offences.

Police are investigating alleged illegal transportation of children from missions in other countries to its US base, as well as sex abuse.

Anti-gay Christian cult leaders arrested on child sex abuse charges
Cult co-founders Deborah Green and James Green

According to NBC, the group’s leader Peter Green has been charged with 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child, and is being held on $5 million bond.

One of the group’s co-founders ‘General’ Deborah Green, is also being held on a $500,000 bond.

NBC reports that other members of the cult including Joshua Green, Stacey Miller, Amos River, Victoria River, Ruth River and Timothy River are also being held.

The various charges include child abuse, bribery and not reporting a birth.

The group insisted: “We don’t know who all the accusers are, but the accusations are just re-runs of old lies that have been investigated and shown to be malicious attacks against a legitimate ministry.”

Responding to the arrests the group pointed to a mass of web conspiracies that it claims “exposes all these INCREDIBLY FALSE accusations against the Generals and ACMTC members.”

JoeMyGod points out that the group are designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The group’s website refers to Barack Obama as a “sodomite”, adding of Trump’s election: “It was the American people that wanted a change, not the homo-oriented NEW change spouted by Obama!”

It adds: “It is God who has unleashed gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and question (GLBTQ) terrorism against the church in order to separate His true ones from the snakes, flakes, and fakes CLAIMING to be His.

“We can truly say this is a great move of God.

“AS THE FALLOUT from the Pink Stink Sodomite (PSS) bomb settles over this godless America, things are yet to take their final place.

“Christians and non-compliant non-Christians can still raise HELL! We expect this. This is the whole reason…to get Americans off their lazy behinds and on to the frontlines TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

“Fight not against God/His Word, but fight against the evil satanic principalities, powers, the rulers of darkness of this world, and against wicked spirits in high places.

“GOD IS USING this whole ugly, perverted, sick, stinking, diseased Homo movement to be a punishment upon the church and this land. But, hopefully His true ones will gather under His government (who are going to receive their share of punishments from God, you can count on it! God will not be mocked!).

“IT ALL BOILS DOWN to this friends—we’re either going to stand for God/Jesus/the Holy Bible or with this sick/Satanic/pro-abortion/pro-sodomite government. Get off the fence! We’re either going to allow God’s Holy Fire to BURN the HELL out of us, or be consumed by strange fire (e.g. queer fire).”

It adds: If we here are ‘homophobic’, they (GLBTQ) are ‘heterophobic’. I say, REPENT or PERISH! Homosexuals are NOT VICTIMS!, they CHOOSE their medicine.

“They are NOT VICTIMS of circumstance who need protection and praise. NO! They choose to DIE! These people ARE NOT born ‘that way’. There is NO PROOF for such a statement. I offer them the Gospel of Christ—to be BORN AGAIN.

“Even among their thinning ranks, some believe that they should not impose their ‘choice’ on the public.

“If America really wanted this ABOMINATION, there would have been NO need for a Supreme Court decision—but most Americans are repulsed at such vileness. These few believe that the public should choose.

“After all, dear folks, the endless propaganda campaign has been running in high gear ever since Obama (Obamanation) has been at the wheel. Don’t believe for a minute that most (they are now saying) Americans are FOR them. HA! This is pure Pink/Lavender Propaganda. I would dare say about 10 percent, maybe not even that high.