Celebrity Big Brother winner Sarah Harding recorded in ‘homophobic rant’

Sarah Harding wins Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Celebrity Big Brother winner Sarah Harding has been recorded launching a shocking homophobic tirade against her lover from the house, Chad Johnson.

The former Girls Aloud singer was heard using the word “batty” as she ranted at Chad Johnson, who was in the BB house with her.

Sarah Harding (Getty Images)

Sarah Harding (Getty Images)

30-year-old Johnson was answering questions on an Instagram live video and Harding coulee be heard shouting in the background.

35-year-old Harding began to shout for Johnson in the background.

Johnson warned that fans could hear her, but Harding proceeded to tell him to “f*ck off then”.

She also called him a “p*ssy” and demanded that he put her on camera.

However, he refused and Harding accused him of censoring her.

As the argument unfolded Johnson warned Harding that he would leave her sparking Harding’s tirade.

“Talking on phone slated by bitchy a**** f*cking take it up the a***”

Harding has been slammed on Twitter.

One person wrote: “For someone trying to turn public opinion round & salvage a career #SarahHarding is not helping herself. Seriously get some help, woman.”

“Vile homophobic slurs from your recent #CBB winner @SarahNHarding … #disgusted #fail #rigged #loveislandwins,” another added.

Harding spoke backlash while she was in the house after slut shaming the band Fifth Harmony.

Asked by Chad Johnson what she knew of Fifth Harmony, who have out singer Lauren Jauregui among their number, the singer immediately said “those slutty ones?”.

“They all wear next-to-nothing,” she continued. “All the girl bands these days. Slutty slutty slutty. Sex sells, sex sells. Eurgh.”