Extended Will and Grace trailer reveals just why the cast got back together

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Will and Grace is set to return in just a few weeks time after a decade away from our screens.

The show’s return has been highly anticipated, with months of speculation about the new series.

Last week a new trailer was released for the reboot, showing Jack has discovered the world of Grindr.

Extended Will and Grace trailer reveals just why the cast got back together

A clip released last week shows Jack and Willl looking through the famous gay hook-up app.

Jack exclaims: “Grindr has gotten so skanky. I feel like I could get finger-herpes just from scrolling!”

As Will sits next to him, Jack adds: “Ooh, there’s a gay guy within ten feet of me!”

Now an extended trailer reveals why the cast have got back together for a new series of the 16-time Emmy winning sitcom.

“Jack’s across the hall, Karen’s still rich – just back in business,” Eric McCormick reveals.

Megan Mullally says: “I think it’s really nice that we seem to have fans that are just as excited as we are!”

The legendary NBC sitcom will return on September 28 for its new season.

Watch the new trailer in full here:


The show’s long-anticipated revival will see Will and Grace back on screens for a run of 16 episodes, and the show has already been renewed for a potential second comeback season.

Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally are all reprising their roles – though one original character will sadly be absent.

Messing has hinted that the show’s revival will tackle transgender issues.

She said: “It’s a whole new world now where being gay and lesbian is not something that people are hiding like they did when we started almost 20 years ago.

“I think that there’s an opportunity to now celebrate all the other initials of LGBTQ.

“It will be great to come out of this next round and feel like we’re normalizing an even larger segment of underrepresented people on prime-time television.”