Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves left terrified for his safety as doctors warn against more cosmetic surgery

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Rodrigo Alves, known around the world as the ‘Human Ken Doll’, has been forced to abandon his cosmetic surgery obsession.

The body obsessive has splashed more than half a million dollars on his looks – going under the knife more than 50 times, including eight nose jobs.

While the extreme looks have brought him fame and a string of reality TV appearances, he has now been forced to abandon the obsession under medical advice.

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves left terrified for his safety as doctors warn against more cosmetic surgery

Doctors fear the effects of more body modifications could seriously damage his health.

The Ken Doll has been ballooning in recent months, gaining some forty pounds in weight.

The rapid weight pile on has left him struggling to fit in to his expensive designer clothing and battling anxiety.

But while he would have previously gone back under the knife to have liposuction, Alves has now been told more operations could be seriously “risky”.

“I have been stuffing my face like crazy and I’ve gained more weight than ever!” he admits.

“I have been suffering from anxiety lately which lead me to gain nearly over forty pounds in weight and all my outfits are feeling really tight.”

His body has now been so many procedures that it is “full of fibrosis”, according to medics.

Confessing his struggle, Alves said: “In the past, each time when I was overweight or when my fashionable favorite outfit didn’t fit me I would just book and have an invasive lipo – but my body reached a stage where it is full of fibrosis which makes the procedure risky.”

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According to The Sun, Alves has splashed out on a long list of surgeries, including: £8,000 on Botox and fillers, £30,000 on nose jobs, £3,000 on liposuction to his jaw, £10,000 on pec implants, £22,000 on a fake six-pack, £7,000 on fillers to his arms, £5,000 hair transplant, £7,000 on laser lipo, £6,000 on leg lipo, £3,000 on calf shaping

Despite the health risks from his numerous surgeries, he strongly denies having an addiction issue.

In fact, Alves, who inherited a fortune from his grandparents, thinks it’s impossible to be addicted.

“No one can get addicted to plastic surgery,” he insisted in a TV interview. “There’s no such thing.”

That said, he will be having a few more hair implants in Los Angeles later this year.