A former Australian Prime Minister has slammed Turnbull for postal vote ‘not protecting religious freedoms’

John Howard has remarked that freedom of speech and religious freedom are “at risk” thanks to Malcolm Turnbull not adequately safeguarding the equal marriage postal vote.

The former Liberal Prime Minister has lashed out at the current leader and has asked for parental rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom to be ‘protected’ if equal marriage is legalised in Australia.

“This issue must be addressed before the survey is completed; leaving it as something to be taken up only in the event of a Yes vote prevailing is the equivalent of saying that it does not matter,” Howard said in a statement today.

“If a Yes vote is recorded there will be overwhelming pressure to move on, legislate as quickly as possible, and then put the issue behind parliament. There will be scant opportunity for serious consideration of protections,” said the former PM.

This statement may appear to be somewhat ironic considering the stark lack of safeguarding for LGBTQ people and campaigners involved in advocating for the ‘yes’ vote.

Laws to prevent the vilification of LGBTQ people during campaigning only came into action once the postal vote began.

“Very likely, those raising such matters will be met with a chorus of put-downs, and accused of attempting to frustrate the verdict of the people,” said Howard.

“The case for these protections is compelling, given the experience of other countries such as the UK, US and Canada, in the wake of those countries changing their marriage laws.”

It is clear to see that Howard is ardently positioned in the “no” camp.

But by the sound of it, it appears that Howard has an idea that his side is losing.

In the most recent polls, it looks as though 70% of Australians who are casting their vote are going to opt in favour of same-sex marriage.