14-year-old targeted with death threats over support for marriage equality

March for same-sex marriage in Sydney

A 14-year-old has been targeted with death threats after she expressed her support for equal marriage.

The teenage girl wrote in Facebook group as Australia votes on marriage equality to express her support for the Yes campaign.

14-year-old targeted with death threats over support for marriage equality

She thanked “all those who tick yes”.

The group conversation, from which screen shots were shared by the girl’s mother, included friends from her school.

Other messages included “gays and lesbians and bi’s and trans, we are all equal.”

“We still human,” another message read.

However the harmless conversation was cut short when a father of one of the students in the conversation appeared to interject.

He wrote: “Kk WTF? I ain’t f*kin playing no more, u now what I’m capable of bitch. I am *** father. Call me b4 I come n drop bombs, it’s my time to shine because straight up. U want me to come with a 9,mm.”

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Screen shots from the conversation were shared on Twitter by the mother of the 14-year-old.

She wrote: “Hey @TurnbullMalcolm this is my 14yo daughter getting a death threat from a school friends father because she wrote a gb post supporting SSM.”

The tweet has since gone viral with hundreds of people condemning the violent message.

It also sparked backlash against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as many activists feared the negative impact that the postal survey would have.

“Just disgusting is this the respectful debate you talked about @TurnbullMalcolm,” one person tweeted.

“I’m so sorry that this has happened.” added another. “This govt have so much to answer for.”

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The mother, who is from New South Wales, said she was heartbroken by the violent message as the family are close to a gay couple “who are like uncles” to her children.

The incident is being investigated by New South Wales Police as The Australian Federal Police confirmed on Twitter that “using a carriage service to threaten is a Commonwealth offence but investigated by state police”.

The man who sent the violent death threat told News.com.au that he did not post the comment that was shown in the Facebook conversation.

“I’ve got no problem with same-sex marriage,” he said.