Australian MP Rowan Ramsey compares same-sex marriage to radioactive, nuclear waste dump

Rowan Ramsey MP

An MP has compared a national poll on same-sex marriage to a vote in favour of a nuclear waste dump proposal in South Australia. 

On Wednesday (15 March), while at an opening event of the Joy Baluch AM Bridge project, the Liberal MP for Grey, Rowan Ramsey, compared plans for the dump site at Eyre Peninsula to a 2017 same-sex marriage vote.

The Canberra Times reported him as saying: “Should we disappoint the majority or the minority? If you applied the same criteria to same-sex marriage, you would have said that there is a significant minority opposed to it.”  

According to Ramsey, a ballot of Kimba residents showed a majority of 62 per cent voted in favour of the proposed site which is planned for land owned by Aboriginal people, the Barngarla.

Despite Kimba residents support of the facility, 100 per cent of Barngarla voters rejected the proposal.

Ramsey added: ”Yes, there is a vocal minority, but they are a minority. We live in a democracy. It is a strong result, same thing. It is quite plain – the people of Kimba want this.” 

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If the facility goes ahead, it would be used to store low to medium-level radioactive waste, most of which is created by nuclear medicine. 

A member of the Barngarla community, Uncle Harry, who attended the opening, reminded attendees that his people are currently fighting the government in federal court.

“We don’t need nuclear waste in our country. I am sure you all agree with that. We have been down there for a week, fighting the government. 

“They have spent $14 million dollars fighting us. We are just a small group of Aboriginal people. We are fighting for the betterment of all Australia. That is my message to you: let’s keep Australia safe,” he said. 

Across Australia protests are taking place against British anti-trans activist Posie Parker, who is on a tour of the country.

The West Australian reported that about 150 protesters gathered at Western Australia’s Parliament House, in Perth, on Tuesday (14 March) in an attempt to drown out Parker’s appearance in front of a smaller crowd outside the building.