Same-sex Barbie family created to boost support for marriage equality

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A doll artist in Australia has created a same-sex Barbie family in hopes to boost support for marriage equality in the country.

Betty Strachan-Otter creates and sells realistic Barbie dolls.

same-sex marriage rally in Sydney, Australia

Equal marriage protest (PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

The artist, who sells her dolls as part of her business All The Little Dolls, has created iconic Barbies pushing for a more realistic portrayal.

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Some of her past creations including a pregnant and a breastfeeding Barbie.

Talking to Daily Mail, Strachan-Otter explained that she has now created the lesbian mothers and their three children to help normalise the portrayal of same-sex couples and families.

She said: “I like to use my dolls to depict scenes containing positive affirmations to those who can relate to them.”

The Brisbane artist added that she was disappointed that same-sex marriage came down to a debate.

“Personally, I’m saddened that there even needs to be a debate on same-sex marriage.

“Nobody worries about who you love when you’re in a committed straight relationship so why should same-sex couples need to be treated any differently?”

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The “precious gay babies” received a positive response from her followers.

“I love this,” one person wrote.

Another said: “This makes me so happy!”

A third added: “Lez-be-honest….this is so great!”

Protesters push for Parliamentary vote on marriage equality

Protesters push for Parliamentary vote on marriage equality (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)