Grindr employee alleges that HR manager raped him at Christmas party

A former employee of the gay dating app Grindr has alleged that a HR manager drugged and raped him at a Christmas party.

The anonymous plaintiff makes the allegations about Human Resources Supervisor Daniel Cabanero in a lawsuit against the company.

The alleged incident took place at the 2016 Christmas party.

Grindr (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Grindr (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

The plaintiff, only named as John Doe on court documents, says Cabanero drugged him and put him in a car.

He says that the HR Supervisor took him to a hotel and raped him.

John Doe alleges that he awoke being held down on the bed while Cabanero performed a sexual act on him.

He says he lost consciousness a second time and when he awoke he went to A&E.

The alleged victim says he was then “subjected to a highly invasive and humiliating rape examination,” reports TMZ.

Later, he went to law enforcement, and he says he thinks there is an active investigation into the incident.

As well as the HR Supervisor, John Doe says various Grindr officers were aware of his impaired state at the party but none attempted to help him.

He also says that the company encouraged the use of sexually explicit language, sexual misconduct and sexual innuendos.

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