Perez Hilton says Taylor Swift got him suspended from Twitter

Perez Hilton has lashed out at popstar Taylor Swift after he was suspended from Twitter.

The celebrity blogger shared a picture on his personal Twitter account of a rumoured track list for Taylor’s upcoming album.

Within hours he received an angry letter from Universal, Taylor’s record label.

The next morning he found himself suspended from Twitter.

The 39-year-old blames over zealous record execs for the takedown.

On his YouTube channel, Perez said: “Taylor Swift is responsible for me being suspended.

“Earlier today I was talking about many journalists who have felt bullied by the Taylor Swift machine.

“I had never felt that before, but I now am a victim of Taylor’s wrath.”

He went on: “I didn’t know if it was real or not. If it was real, who cares?

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“It was a photo of a guy’s hand holding the back of the copy of the album.

“I posted it and then I got a takedown notice from Taylor’s label, then my Twitter account got suspended.”

“The album comes out in two days, and you’re suspending me for promoting your album?

“I didn’t leak any freakin’ music, it’s a freakin’ track listing.”

The blogger is now calling on his followers to lobby Twitter bosses until his account is reinstated.

Taylor shared the real track listing herself just hours after scolding the blogger for posting it.

She has also been criticised by The Sun’s Showbiz editor, Dan Wootton, who revealed journalists have been threatened with thousands of pounds in fines if they break the album’s review embargo this Friday.

The singer is also giving just one pre-album interview – to a magazine edited by herself.