Ask the Lawyer: What happens to my marriage if America repeals same-sex marriage?


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The latest question comes from a person who got married to their same-sex partner in the US and is worried that America might repeal same-sex marriage.

The reader asks: “My partner and I are both from the UK, but we got married in the USA. If same-sex marriage is repealed in the USA, would our marriage be annulled in the same way as if we were US citizens?”

wedding rings

Wedding rings

A Simpson Millar lawyer says: “As long as the correct process was followed when you were married in the USA at the time, your marriage will be recognised under UK law.

“The good news is that any changes that are made to the laws around same-sex marriage in the USA would not impact on the legality of your marriage in the UK.


“For example, if the law in the USA is repealed in relation to same-sex marriage your marriage could not be annulled in the UK.

“For more information, you can also have a look at the Government’s website.”

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