Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer leaves Twitter after ‘bitter’ BuzzFeed article

Hollywood star Armie Hammer has deactivated his Twitter account following a shade-filled thinkpiece that questioned his entire career.

While generating Oscar hype about his new film, gay romantic drama Call Me By Your Name, Hammer hit back against the negative article.

Shortly afterwards, he deleted his Twitter account.

The actor was responding to an essay on BuzzFeed, titled Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen.

The article’s author, Anne Peterson, challenged Hammer’s career as “a beautiful, pedigreed white man” which afforded him opportunities to safely fail and bounce back.

Peterson navigated Hammer’s filmography, which she noted contained a string of blockbuster flops.

“Yet he [Hammer] and his publicity team have never given up trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen,” wrote Peterson.

“This year, they are spinning out a publicity campaign around his role in the likely Oscar contender Call Me by Your Name that attempts to retroactively reinterpret his choices, his failures, and his career.”

(Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

The article also took aim at his upbringing, noting that his great-grandfather Armand Hammer was an oil tycoon.

She added that “Hollywood would never give up on a guy that handsome, that tall, that white, with a jaw that square.”

In response to the website’s senior culture writer, Hammer tweeted: “Your chronology is spot on but your perspective is bitter AF.

“Maybe I’m just a guy who loves his job and refuses to do anything but what he loves to do.”

The Lone Ranger actor dramatically quit Twitter after the reply.

Defending Hammer, one Twitter user wrote: “Armie Hammer has spent the past two years of his life pushing black and gay filmmakers and stories.

“He’s one of the good guys, BuzzFeed.

“What a dumb article.”


Meanwhile, others supported Peterson’s argument.

ReBecca Theodore, film and TV contributor for Forbes, wrote: “I’m going to say this on this Armie Hammer Buzzfeed article – for the folks going hard in the paint defending him, ask yourself if you champion PoC actors/actresses as much.

“If you don’t, then kindly STFU. Debate your mama.”


This is not the only time Hammer has shaken Twitter.

Earlier this year, Hammer took on actor James Woods over a tweet about gay age gaps.

However, his director for Call Me By Your Name, Luis Guadagnino, has come under fire for not casting gay actors in the film.