Pastor goes on homophobic rant over gay wedding cake case

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An American pastor has made a scathing video criticising the ‘LGBTABCDEFG’ community for not wanting to be discriminated against in bakeries.

Pastor Greg Locke from the Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee posted a video entitled ‘PASTOR DROPS RAW TRUTH OVER HOMOSEXUAL CAKE BAKING NONSENSE’ earlier this month.

In the video, Locke openly criticised LGBT people for the outrage caused by a bakery refusing service to a gay couple.

“The LGBTABCDEFG – whatever the foolish acronym is at this particular point ― they’ve gone overboard. They have fake outrage, selective drama,” Locke said during the nearly three-minute-long rant.

The ‘homosexual cake baking nonsense’ is the current Supreme Court case against a baker who refused service to a gay couple in 2012.

The baker and owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Jack Phillips, who once said that he would rather go to prison than make a cake for a gay couple, refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, as he said it would go against his firmly held Christian beliefs.

Jack Phillips appearing on The View in 2017

The couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, launched a discrimination complaint against the Masterpiece Cakeshop. In response, Jack Phillips launched a legal challenge to the complaint of discrimination.

In the five years since the original complaint, the case has gone through a number of courts and is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.

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Pastor Locke continued in the video: “I don’t really give the flip of a wooden nickel who you have sex with. I don’t care about your stupid perverted sex life.”

“But I do care when you cram it down my kid’s throats in public school. I do care when every sitcom, every late night talk show host, every comedian, every song, every movie coming out has to push, push, push, push, push, push the agenda.”

Couple cutting cake


In October, the Trump administration gave its support for Phillips and his right to deny service to gay couples, with the administration asking the Supreme Court for the right to present arguments in support of ‘religious freedom.’

Locke finished the rant by condemning the LGBT people who are threatened or concerned about the potential legal right to be discriminated against.

He said: “You’re emotionally scarred because you’re a pervert and because you do things that are an abomination to God”

In a final display of a complete lack of self-awareness or irony, Pastor Locke said: “Just because I have some convictions that seem to be ‘outdated’ and ‘old timey’ now I’m a bigot?”

Uh, yes.

Watch the full rant below