Oops she did it again – internet goes crazy for drag queen who falls over during Britney lip sync

The internet is going crazy for a drag queen who was filmed passionately lip-syncing to Britney Spears before falling over in an offstage performance.

Manchester-based Drag Queen Big Dee took quite the tumble outside KIKI bar in Manchester’s gay village as she lip-synched her heart out to Britney Spears Oops I did it again.

While exiting the club where she had just finished hosting her regular cabaret club night, Big Dee, real name Jack Sartorius, caught her colleague Corey Duggan filming and, ever the entertainer, played to the camera.

Big Dee loves a selfie almost as much as she loves a tumble (photo from @thatbigdee)

On the fateful night, dressed in a stunning silver velvet mini dress and five-inch heels Duggan’s video shows Dee strutting down the stairs whilst lip-synching to Britney’s number one hit oops I did it again.

She gyrates and performs an excellently executed drop to the floor, complete with some sassy pouts and poses before reaching the bottom of the stairs. The performance is set to successfully show Big Dee in all her drag queen glory.

However, it is the pavement that causes her downfall. As she strides towards the camera ready to end her performance with a big finish she stumbles at the last hurdle and falls to the ground as the camera cuts.


As any true friend would, Duggan uploaded his video on social media with the caption ‘wait until the end’ eluding to the big finale and tempting people to continue watching the fabulous lip-sync performance until the end where it all goes south.

That fateful moment when she realised there was no coming back from going down (photo via Akademi Portal Daily Service)

Since it’s upload the video has been viewed 474,000 times, but Big Dee is not one to let a little stumble get her down.

She said explained that for her, any press is good press.

“I think any attention is great to be honest as it helps to get my name out there and helps me to promote the nights and clubs I work for.”

The 24-year-old began her drag career at 15 when she dressed up for her mums 50th birthday party.

Since then she has constantly been dabbling in drag, and in 2016 she moved to Manchester to become the Queen seen in the video.

Currently, Big Dee is part of the Haus of Filth and has a regular spot hosting ‘camp games’ every Monday at KIKI bar in the famous Manchester gay village. She also hosts Canal Streets club night Filth Gorgeous.

Whether she is performing stunning lip-syncs on stage, or dropping it to the floor in accidental videos, Big Dee’s video has made her a Drag Queen legend- at least in Manchester.