Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis read each other to filth on hilarious diss tracks

Drag Race stars Bob the Drag Queen (left) and Maddy Morphosis (right)

Move over Nicki and Megan – Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis are the new beef everyone’s talking about after the Drag Race stars released a pair of hilarious diss tracks.

The musical mud-slinging began earlier this week when, as a guest on The Pit Stop with Trixie Mattel, season 14 star Maddy Morphosis labelled season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen’s practice of dropping her own verses for RuGirls’ songs “corny.”

Trixie and Maddy were discussing the latest episode of season 16, during which contestants performed remixes of songs from RuPaul’s “Black Butta” album.

Asked how she thought she’d have fared if she’d been presented with the challenge, Maddy responded: “I’d be great. I’m very clever with word play. I wish I could have done a Ru-verse, a Ru-sical, a girl group writing stuff.

Trixie then suggested: “You could do what Bob does sometimes. She will release her own verse of these songs,” to which Morphosis responded: “I think it’s corny.”

Bob quickly responded in the form of a diss track, “Corned Beef,” noting in the introduction to the video: “Now, I’m just sitting down trying to enjoy The Pit Stop, a job that was stolen from me.”

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The lyrics included savage lines such as “wig so bad, the hairline is hard… we all know you started drag ’cause you was horny,” and “don’t know what the wig cost, but you overpaid.”

Notably, Maddy had been wearing a large brown wig that framed her face and trailed all the way down to the floor. In fact, it looked so heavy that fans joked she was struggling with the weight of it.

By way of response to Bob, Maddy wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “I just know 12 Patreon subscribers are living right now. Can’t wait to hear it.”

Eventually, she teased that her own reactive track, writing: “Video recorded, feature secured, corn popped. Lemme get some sleep right quick and I’ll see y’all in a jiffy.”

On the track’s intro, she joked: “I know that on my highly successful episode of The Pit Stop this week I kinda came for you… and I’ve always stood behind that but I understand how that might have hurt your feelings.

“Regarding your diss track though, were there some verses that were good that I wasn’t aware of, like hidden behind a paywall or something?”

Labelling Bob a “certified has-been,” Maddy’s lyrics included the lines: “You’re coming for my wig in hats like these” and “you ate season eight up like dinner, too bad you never got a call to be in All Winners.”

Her fans were falling about with laughter, with one writing in the comments: “This ally snapped” while another said, “Never thought an ally would mother this hard.”

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