Mayor of London reaches out to Will Young after ‘poofter’ bus attack

London mayor Sadiq Khan has reached out to Will Young after he was targeted with vile homophobic abuse by a bus driver.

The star was left shocked after the incident in which a Transport for London bus driver reportedly called him a “poofter”.

Despite reporting the incident within minutes, Young was left helpless after being told it was too late to get CCTV of the incident.

Will Young

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Young revealed online: “Homosphobic [sic] abuse from a tfl bus driver calling me a poofter.

“Reported it ten minutes after it happened and TfL been amazing.

“However bus companies on route say video footage gone as too late – quite how someone complains and actually GETS footage I am unsure.

“TfL doing everything they can but I am appealing to @TfL @SadiqKhan to help me find the drive to ensure he doesn’t abuse others. PLEASE DM me,” he added.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at Pride 2017

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Now the Mayor of London’s office has responded to the singer’s calls for help.

A spokesperson told the i newspaper: “The Mayor’s Office are in touch with Will Young in regards to this incident and the work being done across the TfL network to tackle all forms of abuse including homophobic hate crime.”

Young says he was also addressed by a TfL employee within minutes.

LONDON - NOVEMBER 14: Top British musical artist Will Young arrives for the 20th anniversary remake of Midge Ure and Sir Bob Geldof's 1984 charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" at Air Studios, Hampstead on November 14, 2004 in London. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)


They wrote that they were “so sorry to see this” and ensured him that action would be taken “straight away”.

“The behaviour you described is unacceptable. I am just going to send you a PM to get a few more details from you. Speak to you shortly, Andy.”


Young has had to deal with fraught homophobia since he found fame on the inaugural series of the ITV contest Pop Idol in 2002.


The 38-year-old explained last year that in the past he has been victim to anti-gay language, as well as gang violence and threats with weapons.

He said: “I’ve had to run away from knife threats, hide in shops. I’ve also taken people on.”

Recounting a time that a gang of men in Oxford hurled abuse at him, Young said that the other people on the street fought back against the homophobes.

“The whole of the street turned against them and I think that was a palpable sign of how it’s simply not tolerated now.”


The star believes that part of increasing tolerance is to continue the fight for acceptance with education.

“People [who bully] just need to be educated, they don’t need to be punished,” he explained.

The star also opened up about the pressure he encountered within the industry as a gay man.

The star revealed late last year that he battles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which often leaves him housebound.

He told The Telegraph: “With PTSD, sometimes it could be difficult for me to go to the coffee shop, or visit the bank — but I now know when to expect it.

“It’s just something I’ve learned to live with the best I can, and listen to my body.

“I’ve got really good at looking after my nervous system — it’s been the making of me. Self-care is what everyone should aspire to.”

He added: “I’m a very content person. People think that PTSD must be depressing. That’s not the case.”