Male sex robots with unstoppable bionic penises are to go on sale

The male sex robots with bionic penises have landed.

We repeat, the male sex robots with bionic penises have landed.

After the general public was inundated with announcements of sex robots coming into our lives left, right and centre, we thought that the madness might be over.


But the sex robots have hit the headlines once more with the launch of an “unstoppable” male sex robot.

Yes, you read correctly.

Sexbot creators RealDoll are adding a male sex robot to their lines, featuring one insatiable feature – an endless erection.

“We’re working on a male version of the robot AI,” creator of the robot Matt McMullen told the Daily Star.

“We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.”

Customers will be able to choose the penis size of their desired doll, alongside their skin colour, hair type, and general physique.

And yes, they make female sex robots too.


It appears that the company might be a bit heteronormative in their aims, however, as they hope that the male sex robot’s bionic penis will be “more powerful than a vibrator”.

“It’s the obvious, the gender; both in the personality and the voice and then obviously the male physicality of the robot,” said Matt.


According to the creator, users will be able to “plug the robot in”, and use it for “as long as you want.”

Robots have tended to cause havoc in the LGBT community.

Some robots were deployed in the fight against same sex marriage, with campaigners in Australia using them to dispel homophobic remarks.

We may be at the edge of a robot sex revolution.


In the meantime, let’s just hope they don’t slit our throats in the dead of night.

Reactions to the news were mixed, to say the least.

“Should be a vast improvement on the average Midlands male,” one person wrote.


And another fan said: “*heavy breathing* Endless Erection?”

Which is fair, really.


But another person pointed out a potential flaw.

“The batteries will probably run out just as it’s getting going,” they said.


Who wouldn’t be afraid of that, we suppose.


“Only a jump start from a truck would make that smile,” said a different dissenter.

“Jeez it would give you nightmares”.


They will no doubt receive their punishment when the robot rebellion begins.

Another person had an issue with a person being able to use an unstoppable bionic penis for as long as they want, for some reason.


They wrote: “I find the caption a bit unsettling, a bit too aggressive for me “.

Well, that’s their opinion.