Munroe Bergdorf hits out out the fashion industry’s ‘transgender quota’ in amazing tirade

Transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has outlined how the fashion industry and media can treat trans people.

Bergdorf hit the headlines last year when she was fired by L’Oréal for condemning white supremacy and called on her followers to boycott the company.


She was set to be the first trans woman to lead a UK campaign for the huge makeup company, but was fired after condemning white supremacy and white privilege on Facebook.

And the activist was told to be quiet when she opened up about trans abuse on Good Morning Britain.

“I am now in a more privileged position than most trans women of colour, especially most black trans women,” she has written on Twitter.


“Whilst I’m in this position I think it’s important to acknowledge how I can use this as a way to pull others up,” Bergdorf wrote.


“I’m primarily an activist but I also have roots in the beauty and fashion industries so I want to outline some points in which these industries and the media can push things forward and utilise me as a catalyst for doing so…,” Bergdorf said.


“Casting me does not fill your trans quota. We are not trends or tokens.” she said.

“I am light-skinned and binary. What are you doing to lift up our dark-skinned and non binary siblings who are so poorly represented in all industries. Don’t know any models? Ask me, I do!”


Munroe continued to talk about how using her success and privilege to help less privileged trans people was an aim of hers.

“Am I the best person for this job? There are SO many amazing people in our community doing amazing things. I won’t be insulted if you ask me for an introduction or recommendation, I want us all to succeed,” she added.

“Stop talking about trans kids like UFOS. Support them. Love them,” she said.


Trans children receive a high level of discrimination.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a letter in December that branded transgender people “deeply troubling” and claimed that changing gender is a “false idea”.

Munroe has previously slammed the media for ‘screwing up’ transgender kids.

She has now taken aim at the fashion industry.

“Encourage our voices. Don’t gag models when they speak up about injustice or issues that matter to them.”

“Celebrate our achievements! Our community is constantly breaking new grounds, smashing glass ceilings.

“We all need to hear these stories, this is history and important,” the model added.


“Acknowledge our struggles. The life expectancy or a trans woman of colour is 35. 84% of trans youth have self-harmed. 45% have tried to take their own lives,” she continued.

“Change the narrative. We are not the sole sum of our gender. We can speak about other things. Allow us to do so!”


“The trans community is so incredibly diverse and beautiful, I want the world to see us how we see each other,” Bergdorf added.


She also brought up the subject of  Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists, who often viciously target trans people with harassment.

(Instagram/Munroe Bergdorf)

(Instagram/Munroe Bergdorf)

“Stop asking us to debate with TERFs. It is insulting. Our gender is not a debate. Our rights are not a debate,” she said.

“INTERSECTIONS MATTER. Disabled representation matters. Working class representation matters,” Bergdorf added.


She added some light humour before coming back with more wise words.


“PSYCH. Whilst the kettles boiling I’ve got two last ones and they’re important,” she said.

“Make sure your celebrated feminism is intersectional, accessible and inclusive of ALL women. Trans Men exist!!! The media’s focus is almost solely focused on trans women. Trans men matter,” she concluded.


There are advances with transgender women of colour breaking into the fashion industry, but it’s clear more needs to be done.