Munroe Bergdorf calls out ‘toxic’ trans debate on Loose Women following murder of Brianna Ghey

Monroe Bergdorf

During an appearance on Loose Women, activist, model and author Munroe Bergdorf eloquently explained how toxic debate leads to trans people “paying with their lives,” following the murder of trans teenager Brianna Ghey.

Appearing on the ITV panel show yesterday (15 February), Bergdorf said that the “toxic environment” and “silly debates” that plague the UK are putting trans people at risk.

“There’s a lot of toxic debate and trans people are often not asked what it’s like to be trans,” she said. “There’s so many issues that the trans community are facing but none of it gets any airtime,” referring to high rates of homelessness and mental health issues among the trans community.

“There’s so much misinformation going around about trans people being in women only spaces, when legally, we’ve been allowed to use whatever spaces are in alignment with our gender identity since 2010 with the Equality Act. The talking points don’t reflect the law.”

Trans people are protected under the Equality Act 2010 and are therefore entitled to access services and spaces “according to the gender role in which they present”. 

“We all use gender neutral toilets on aeroplanes, in television studios. It’s just very silly,” Bergdorf continued.

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“There are no statistics that say that trans women are a threat to anybody yet, as we have seen this week, trans people are at risk and are in danger and are paying with our lives. It’s very heartbreaking.”

The 35-year-old model was referring to the murder of trans girl Brianna Ghey, who was stabbed to death in a park in Warrington on Saturday (11 February).

Two teenagers have been charged with murder, and Cheshire Police are yet to rule out hate crime as a potential motive.

“It doesn’t end well,” Bergorf continued. “When we’re constantly talking about pushing people out and stopping people from accessing what they need, it results in people dying.”

Bergdorf appeared on Loose Women to promote her new memoir Transitional, in which she discusses her own experiences of violence as a trans women.

Appearing emotional, the author told the show’s panel that she was stalked, locked in a room and raped during the early stages of her transition.

“This is something again that a lot of trans women encounter because society demonises our bodies so much, to the point where those men who find us attractive think that it’s so wrong that they’ll do it in secret and often enact sexual violence on us,” Bergdorf explained.

Continuing, and to a loud round of applause from the audience, she said: “We’re being painted as the people who you should be looking out for when really, we’re all being affected by misogyny and violence against women.”

Munroe Bergdorf’s Loose Women appearance has impressed the show’s viewers, with one person commenting: “I totally agree. We all need to stick together, not rip each other apart. Much respect.”

One fan said: “This lady talks a lot of sense,” while another gushed: “Finally a guest on Loose Women who knows what they’re talking about.”

Drag Race UK star Bimini called Bergdorf “incredibly eloquent,” while Canada’s Drag Race finalist Kendal Gender praised her for being “so incredibly calm and well spoken”.

Munroe Bergdorf’s memoir Transitional is available now.

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