These three amazing things can happen to your body when you enter a long-term relationship

Love works in mysterious ways.

We never quite know how we’re going to meet the next person that transforms our lives – and we certainly don’t expect that their presence will be beneficial to our health.

But according to the experts, a long-term relationship is sweet nectar for our mind, body and soul.

“Long-term relationships have been found to affect mental and physical health,” board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Susan Edelman tells Bustle.

The quality of your relationship is a very important part of how it affects your health. People rate their health higher if they’re satisfied in their [relationship].”

Your blood pressure can plummet

According to the experts, having a loved one in your life who you are at ease with can lower your blood pressure. Having a constant companion can be a big stress reliever, says the expert, which can keep stress at a healthy level.

Partners bodies align and develop a pattern

Although we’re aware that women’s menstrual cycles can sync when they spend a long time together, it appears that other bodily demands can work in partnership with our beau. According to Edelman, the way couples manage their appetites, sleep patterns and even when they go to the bathroom.

Women can become more in tune with their bodies

And for women, the expert says they become more comfortable with their wants and needs sexually. As a consequence, they are more likely to have higher levels of sex for pleasure, rather than experiencing what their sig. other has in mind.