Celebrity Big Brother: Andrew Brady kisses Shane Jenek and admits Courtney Act crush

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have ben left stunned after straight Apprentice star Andrew Brady locked lips with Shene Jenek, the man behind Courtney Act.

Brady admitted to a blossoming bromance with the RuPaul’s Drag Race star.

Speaking in the Diary room, he said he found her attractive, confessing: “Courtney’s hot and Courtney’s a little bit of a minx.”

Big Brother asked Andrew whether he had been flirting with Courtney – which he confessed to, mostly after a drink.

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He said: “Yeah, I think so because Courtney’s only ever out when we’ve had a few drinks, Courtney looks even better.

“I’m not taking anything away from Shane, he’s a good looking lad, but when you’ve had a couple of drinks, you see Courtney and you’re like, ‘Wow.’”

Andrew continued: “Big Brother, you need to stop giving me alcohol when I’m around Courtney, because you never know!”

While he had confessed to a crush on Courtney, it was Shane he ended up going in for a kiss with.

Andrew told housemates in Friday’s episode, “look, we’ll do it!” and pecked Shane – as fellow housemate Malika screamed with delight.

The housemates then descended into laughter as they rolled around on the floor.

Courtney,real name Shane, has made waves within the Celebrity Big Brother house since their entry on January 5.


Andrew discussed his feelings towards Courtney saying: “When I see Courtney and I go, ‘Whoa’, you know, good looking with the bum implants with the fake boobs and the hair and it all looks great.

“But deep down I know it’s still Shane under there, but Courtney has the same sense of humour, the same personality as Shane.”

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Many fans of the show have picked up on the close friendship between Shane and Andrew, with several fans tweeting about alleged flirting and a potential relationship.

Shane made waves in a previous episode, they gave viewers and fellow housemate India Willoughby a lesson in gender after India claimed that genderfluid people ‘cheapen’ the cause for transgender people.

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Courtney has won over the hearts of many fans and is now the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother.

India Willoughby was the first contestant evicted from the show Friday.