Laverne Cox becomes the first trans woman on the cover of Cosmopolitan and she looks amazing

Laverne Cox has made history after becoming the first transgender woman to make the cover of Cosmopolitan.

The Orange is the New Black star graced the cover of Cosmopolitan South Africa for the magazine’s LGBT focused ‘Say Yes to Love’ edition.

In a letter in the magazine, Laverne sent an impassioned message to Cosmopolitan readers.

She said: “Your voice matters, the truth of who you know yourselves to be matters. The truth will set you free!

“Trans women deserve to be loved out in the open and in the light.”

(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Laverne Cox posted the cover on her Instagram page, saying she was “honoured and proud” to be covering the magazine.

In an interview accompanying the photoshoot, Laverne opened up about love and dating, telling viewers about the most romantic thing a partner had done for her.

(Photo: @GSN /Twitter)

She said: “As a black transgender woman, I’ve often been kept a secret by the men I’ve dated.

“So when my ex-boyfriend introduced me to his dad, and invited me to spend Hanukkah with him and his family, it was the most special thing ever.”

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(Photo: Cosmopolitan SA /Facebook)

Holly Meadows, the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan South Africa called Laverne “the world’s most vocal trans poster girl” and celebrated her role as an actress and activist.

She said: “Our goal was to play a small part in providing visibility for the LGBTQI+ community, of which Laverne has become a revolutionary icon.

“We wanted to disrupt hetero-normative ideas around February and Valentine’s Day and look at love in 2018 – including acceptance of self, others and non-binary relationships.”

(Photo: Cosmopolitan SA /Facebook)

She continued: “Cox is the world’s most vocal trans poster girl and an activist for the intersection of race, class and gender identities, challenging toxic masculinity, white supremacy and the misrepresentation of trans people.

“For us at COSMO, love – at least for this issue – is celebrating Laverne as the fun, fearless female she is.”

GQ magazine made headlines after the magazine featured their first transgender cover model.

Portuguese GQ featured model Andreja Pejic as their cover star in March 2017.

Watch Laverne Cox answer readers’ questions and look fierce whilst doing it