Celebrity Big Brother’s Andrew Brady calls Ann Widdecombe ‘evil’ for opposing gay marriage

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Andrew Brady has hit out at Ann Widdecombe’s political views after being put up for eviction.

Ann nominated Andrew and fellow housemate Shane Jenek, aka Courtney Act, after a play fighting session in the living area.

Former Apprentice contestant Andrew lashed out at Ann’s views on same-sex marriage in response.

Speaking in the Diary Room, he labelled the former Tory MP’s attitudes on social issues as “evil”.

Andrew Brady

“Once again Ann has shown her true colours, and them colours are not nice colours,” the businessman said.

“Too long have I treated Ann as if she’s righteous, treated Ann as if she’s got these amazing morals. She hasn’t.

“Ann is a woman who, if we agreed with her beliefs, we would be going backwards in time.

“She doesn’t agree with gay marriage. She doesn’t agree with a woman’s right to choose whether she has an abortion or not.

Ann Widdecombe

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“Now when you take that into account you go: she’s an evil person in some ways.”

He added: “My relationship with Ann Widdecombe is over.”

Later in Thursday’s episode Andrew broke into an expletive led rant about the retired politician.

Shane and other housemates heavily criticised him for repeatedly calling the 70-year-old a “c***” and urged him to calm down.

Former Tory MP Ann caused uproar in the house after nominating two male housemates for being “sexual”.

She criticised Shane and Andrew after they jokingly rolled out on the floor together.

Nominating the gender fluid professional drag artist, Ann declared: “I felt that the lewd display of behaviour the other night brought the entire house into disrepute.”

Remarking on their rolling around on the floor she declared: “It was a position that is normal adopted for a sexual purpose.”

Shane suggested that “the term scissor sister might be of service.”

Ann then went on to nominate Andrew – the other half of the living room frolic – who jokingly quipped, “Sorry Ann, didn’t think you’d seen us.”

Ann hit back saying: “Your mother and your grandmother almost certainly did.”

Andrew looked visibly taken aback by the remark, which he later ranted about in the Diary Room.

Despite the controversial comments, Ann is now the bookies’ favourite to win the show.

The nominations row erupted after Shane and Andrew’s bromance led to them play fighting in the CBB house.

After the play fight, the pair entered the kitchen to see the rest of the housemates.

Spotting Ann Widdecombe, Shane said to her while hugging Andrew: “You might not respect our marriage Ann but you have to recognise our love!”

(Photo: Channel 5)

The comment referred to Ann’s staunch opposition to the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Ann Widdecombe then replied: “Don’t be disgusting.”

“Disgusting?” Shane said as the conversation returned to sorting out who would take John’s vacant bed after his surprise eviction.

Andrew and Shane have attracted much of the viewers’ attention with their blossoming bromance which so far has involved Andrew kissing Shane and admitting to a crush on his alter-ego Courtney Act.

(Photo: Channel 5)

Other episodes of the show have included a flirtatious pillow fight and many overtly sexual conversations between the pair.

Last weekend, the pair disappeared into a toilet together, fuelling speculation around their fondness for one another.

After her initial comments, Ann complained to roommate Amanda Barrie, who is married to a woman herself, about the possibility of Andrew and Shane moving into their bedroom.

Ann Widdecombe (Channel 5)

She said: “They’re trying to foist Shane and Andrew on us, even you can’t be that complacent.”

Ann did not give a reason for her staunch objection to sharing a bedroom with the pair, though she did refuse to share a room with housemate Jonny Mitchell due to his late sleeping pattern.

Discussing the incident later, Andrew said he was ‘mortified’ by Ann’s response.