First Dates just aired the first same-sex date in sign language

First Dates is the programme we love that we never quite deserved.

As a cocktail of budding singletons have graced our screens over the years to tell stories about their love life and their hope of meeting the right person across the table, the nation has become hooked on the heartwarmingly addictive programme.

And now in its latest effort to showcase that love comes in myriad marvellous ways, First Dates Ireland has aired its first same-sex date carried out entirely in sign language.

John Charles, who is deaf, said that he has struggled to find love due to his hearing condition.

Those days looked like they would soon be behind him when he was matched with Stephen – a man with full hearing, but who could also communicate via signing.

In previous dates, John Charles remarked that he was normally resigned to speaking to his potential beaus over text message, which could add an extra layer of difficulty to any blossoming romance.

This clearly was no problem for Stephen, who has full hearing but can sign, who took to John Charles straight away.

After the pair agreed to see each other again, RTE viewers were excited to see the pair hit it off.

However, this love story didn’t have a happy ending, as John Charles told viewers at home that the pair were no longer seeing each other.

He did thank his First Dates fans for supporting his appearance for the show.

Here’s hoping there’s a brighter, more inclusive future around the corner for the nation’s favourite dating programme (don’t @ me).