First Dates had the most awkward same-sex pairing

The 2019 season of First Dates began on April 16.

First Dates returned to our television sets on Tuesday (April 16) on Channel 4 with a very awkward pairing between two women as one had dated the other’s niece.

Georgia and similarly named Georga knew each other but were surprisingly matched together by the show.

“It’s a complicated one,” Georga told the waiter hesitantly when asked how the pair knew each other.

But after the waiter suggested their previous encounter may have been a good one, Georga decided to come clean: Her date had actually dated her 40-year-old sister’s daughter.

“I didn’t date her,” Georgia clarified. “We just had a thing.”

Who knew First Dates included practical jokes?

The show took an odd turn when Georga, who is an ex-Arsenal goalkeeper, gave her date a scratch card which turned out to be worth £100,000.

But to the dismay of First Dates viewers, Georga later fessed up that it was in fact fake.

“I’d just walk out on my date just from sheer disappointment of all the things I can’t buy with no £100k,” one viewer tweeted.

“Knew it was too good to be true. Fake scratch card. Although she’s mean for telling her at the end. Should have said it straight away!” another added.

All’s well that ends well

It’s safe to say that when beautician Georgia said “all gay people know each other” she probably didn’t mean it in the way that transpired on her date.

“I didn’t date her. We just had a thing.”

— Georgia

But, despite the unexpected start, the two hopefuls appeared to have a wondrous time.

“Is it weird if I say I don’t want this to end?” Georgia asked. Later she said that it was “the loveliest date” she’d ever been on.

Later in the programme, it was also revealed that the two were still together. Also, Georga’s niece approves.