Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just made a third character bisexual and fans are loving it

Warning: Contains spoilers for season 3, episode 11 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which aired 2 February in the US.

TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has smashed the trope of the token gay character by making another character bisexual.

In a recent episode of the CW musical comedy, viewers were surprised and delighted to see that Valencia Perez (Gabrielle Ruiz) had found a girlfriend.

Valencia was introduced in the first season as a competitor for the main character of Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) as Valencia was dating her childhood sweetheart/obsession, Josh Chan.

(Photo: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

During this week’s episode, viewers were delighted to find that Valencia was in a relationship with a woman, making her the third bisexual character on the show.

Valencia was seen meeting her future girlfriend before an eight-month time jump, after Valencia was hired to plan a series of parties for her.

After the jump, Valencia and her as yet unnamed girlfriend were seen to be happily together, without any questions about Valencia’s sexuality from the other characters.

(Photo: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Although Valencia’s sexuality has not been labelled within the show, many fans are proudly claiming her as the third bisexual character in the popular musical-comedy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans flooded to social media to express their joy at this latest representation.

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Some fans were shocked as well as being delighted, with one fan writing: “Did Crazy Ex-Girlfriend really make Valencia bi?? For real??”

(Photo: @bornsecular /Twitter)

Other fans were more emotional with their joy. “I need you all to know that I am crying,” one viewer wrote.

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Some people went just full on caps lock due to the intensity of their emotion.

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As well as Valencia, the CW show includes several other confirmed LGB characters.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend made waves with bisexual representation in its first season with its song ‘Getting Bi’ where the character of Daryll (Pete Gardner) came out to his colleagues.

In just two minutes and thirty seconds, the song demolishes some of the many myths and misconceptions about bisexuality from “It’s not a phase, I’m not confused” to “being bi does not imply that you’re a player or a slut”.

(Photo: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Basically, it’s the bisexual anthem you never knew you needed.

Shortly after Daryll came out, his colleague and recurring character Maya (Esther Povitsky) also came out as bisexual in solidarity.

Daryll had a long-term relationship with White Josh (David Hull), a gay man, and explored many issues around their relationship, including having children and accessing IVF as a couple.

(Photo: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Earlier in this current season, the show took a not-so-subtle swipe at straight women who go to gay bars.

Valencia’s new girlfriend adds to other major successes in terms of bisexual representation in recent months.

Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine made headlines last year after the character of Roza Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) explicitly came out as bisexual.

Beatriz, who is queer,  said that it was extremely important to her to have the word ‘bisexual’ said by Rosa herself, as the term is often skated around on television, as form of bisexual-erasure.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“I suggested that that word was really important to Rosa and that it also would be really important to the bi community to have that word said aloud on TV.”

“Not just a suggestion that she dates girls now, but a clarity on this character: This is who I am, and I’d like you to know it — and accept it.”

Watch the bisexual anthem of the century below