Adam Rippon has revealed his celebrity crush to Ellen DeGeneres

Adam Rippon has revealed his celebrity crush in a typically charismatic appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Olympic figure skater had a spectacular Games on and off the ice while becoming – as he put it – “America’s sweetheart.”

He won a bronze medal as Eric Radford was becoming the first ever openly gay man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.


And now, Adam – who during the Games was embroiled in Sally Field’s attempts to set him up with her son, director Sam Greisman – has spilt the tea about who he’s been crushing on.

In classic Ellen style, the talk show host directly asked him who he was attracted to.

“A solid answer is Jake Gyllenhaal,” said Adam, before confessing: “I used to have a really big crush on Harry Styles.


Ellen asked him what had changed, and Adam sighed.

“Here’s the thing,” he said. “I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes.”

Ellen paused, confused, then asked: “I’m sorry?”


“I was sleeping on Shawn Mendes,” Adam repeated, before adding the caveat: “Not literally.

“But I didn’t realise how cute he was,” he explained. “Not with – on.

He joked: “And I know Harry will be upset, but – I know,” he told audience, “love is a funny thing.”


Ellen complimented his taste, before recommending that he focus on more realistic prospective partners.

“Well here’s the thing,” she told Adam. “Those are all good, solid choices.

“I would say I’m going to direct you in the direction of some gay men. You’re gonna have a better shot at it.”


In his deadpan voice, Adam responded: “People have told me that.”

And the 28-year-old skater, who has said he wants to be an icon rather than a gay icon, said that despite not adding to his bronze, he had enjoyed “so many gold medal moments – like right now.

“I’ve been wanting to be on this show and meet you since – I was born 28 years ago, so maybe for 27 of them, at least, I’ve been wanting to be here, so this – this is it,” he said to applause.

Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon (Instagram/guskenworthy)

He also revealed that when he was young, he had a goldfish called Princess Diana.

“That should’ve been the writing on the wall for me,” he said, smiling.

Ellen, who was enamoured with the skating star, told him: “I love you so much.”

The Olympian is now working with GLAAD’s youth engagement programme, a role which he said he found meaningful.

“To have these young kids going out there and changing the world – I said: ‘This is something I need to be a part of,'” he told Ellen.

The host then told him that Shutterfly had donated $10,000 to GLAAD.

Watch Adam wow Ellen below: