Retired gay vicar who became homeless after husband left him finds new lover

A retired gay vicar who was left homeless after his young husband left him has found a new lover.

Reverand Philip Clements, 79, defied the Catholic Church to marry his former husband, Florin Marin.

Marin, 24, and Clements tied the in April and the Reverend sold off his life in Britain and moved to Bucharest to be with him.

Once there, Clements signed over ownership of the €100,000 flat he bought in the Romanian capital using money from selling his home in Kent.

However, Marin left Clements and the reverend has since admitted that he “lost everything” in the marriage.

He was left homeless, relying on friends to put a roof over his head.

(Photo by Philip Clements/Facebook)

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His toy boy lover revealed that he left the retired vicar to date businessman Jeronimo Jesus de Vega.

Florin admitted he “likes the money” de Vega can provide, boasting: “He is more wealthy than Philip”.

Speaking to local media in Romania, he said: “Philip knows, I told him I found someone. He said that he would not want to keep in touch with me.”

He explained: “He has some business, he is more wealthy than Philip.

“He knows very well that I like the money. I told him all about my husband.”

Marin and Clements

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Despite the heartbreak, Clements has found himself a new lover, and they are even younger than Marin.

Clements reportedly met his 22-year-old lover, who is a biology student in Romania, after he reached out to the reverend to offer his condolences after his split from his husband.

He explained: “There was something about him that I liked –we got into texting each other and it went from there.”

Talking about the 57 year age gap, Rev Clements explained that age “doesn’t matter” to him.

Philip Clements and Florin Marin

“He’s learning from me about life and I’m learning from him – he preserves my youth.”

Clements has flown to Lasi, the Romanian city where his new partner lives, but he hopes that the 22-year-old will be able to join him in England.

“I’m optimistic that there is a future beyond this terrible, devastating situation.

“I’ve got my church, my friends and family.

“I’ve got this new partnership and hopefully he’ll be able to come over here and we can be together,” he said.