Gay vicar dies aged 81, leaving fortune to 27-year-old husband

A gay former Church of England vicar has passed away, leaving his fortune to his 27-year-old husband.

Rev Philip Clements, a retired former parish priest, passed away at a hospital in Bucharest on May 31, according to reports. The death is not thought to be coronavirus-related.

The retired Kent vicar had come out as gay and married Romanian male model Florin Marin in April 2017 after meeting him on Gaydar.

The pair’s rocky relationship made headlines several times, and they appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2018 after Clements sold his house and moved to Romania to be with his new husband. At the time they were estranged, and were “working on” becoming a couple again.

Florin Marin and Philip Clements on the Jeremy Kyle Show

Florin Marin and Philip Clements on the Jeremy Kyle Show

Gay vicar’s widowed husband: ‘Philip didn’t want me to cry.’

Speaking to MailOnline, Marin confirmed that his husband had passed away — adding that Clements died alone in hospital because visitors were barred during the pandemic.

He said that the last time he saw his partner, he had given him a letter telling him “everyone who loved him was praying for him in England and that the cat was fine and missing him”.

Marin added that his husband will be cremated after a simple religious ceremony attended by only a few people.

Gay vicar Philip Clements and Florin Marin

Philip Clements and Florin Marin

He said: “People will think I will be crying, I’m a widow with a big black hat, no. I did cry, for two days, but it’s enough. Philip didn’t want that, he wanted people to be happy whatever happened.

“I was sad, I don’t want to show people my feelings because my husband died, because some people take advantage of that and there are people who are happy because of your sadness.”

According to the outlet, under the terms of Clements’ will Marin will keep the £100,000 Bucharest property bought for him by his husband, as well as inheriting £150,000 from a life insurance policy and proceeds from his pension.

Family claims widowed husband ‘took advantage’ of elderly vicar.

The former vicar’s estranged brother Anthony Clements hit out “gold digger” Marin.

He told MailOnline: “Florin is nothing but a gold digger who set out to rob my brother from the moment they met. And now he has got what he wanted…. what has happened speaks for itself. Florin has cashed in and has done very well out of my brother.”

He added: “We were supposed to inherit Philip’s estate but now it’s all gone to Florin. But it’s not about the money because I would rather have my brother alive. What angers us is the way he’s been treated by his husband.”

Marin insists he did love his husband, adding: “It’s not my fault he’s left me with this money.”