Retired gay vicar reunites with husband 54 years his junior to appear on Jeremy Kyle

A retired gay vicar has reunited with his husband, who is 54 years his junior, and the couple are set to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show. 

Reverend Philip Clements, 79, defied the Catholic Church to marry his husband Florin Marin, but was left homeless after his young lover left him just after the ceremony. 

The former priest had sold him home to move to Bucharest to be with Marin.

Clements’ fortunes improved when it was revealed he had found romance with a new man. 

But the vicar has now rekindled his romance with Marin and the pair are set to appear on Jeremy Kyle’s tabloid talk show, reports Kent Live.

Clements even told Kent Live that he will write Marin into his will if the relationship continues to go well.

Marin, 24, and Clements tied the knot in April last year and the retired vicar moved to Bucharest to be with him.

Once there, Clements signed over ownership of the €100,000 flat he bought in the Romanian capital using money from selling his home in Kent.

However, Marin soon left Clements, with the reverend admitting that he “lost everything” in the marriage.

He was left homeless, relying on friends to put a roof over his head.

(Photo by Philip Clements/Facebook)

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His toy boy lover revealed that he left the retired vicar to date businessman Jeronimo Jesus de Vega.

Florin admitted he “likes the money” de Vega can provide, boasting: “He is more wealthy than Philip.”

Speaking to local media in Romania, he said: “Philip knows, I told him I found someone. He said that he would not want to keep in touch with me.”


Marin and Clements

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Despite the heartbreak, Clements found himself a new lover, a 22-year old biology student in Romania.

But it seems that both Clements’ and Marin’s new relationships were short-lived, as the couple are now back together.

Clements and Marin will appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show on June 28.

Philip Clements and Florin Marin

The ex-reverend previously said he felt “foolish” for marrying Mr Florin and said he bought him a flat as he wanted to ensure the model was set for the future.

“When things were going well between us I assigned the flat to him legally in order to give him security when I die,” he had said.

“I’m 79 and can’t go on forever and I wanted him to have that security.”