Gay Trinidadian with links to a top judge has fled to the UK after an attempt on his life

An man from Trinidad and Tobago has fled for his life after a group of zealots tried to kill him for having a relationship with one of the country’s top judges.

Gay Trinidadian Dillian Johnson fled to the UK to seek asylum after a man attempted to murder him allegedly for his connection to chief justice, Ivor Archie.

Although Johnson had no intention to reveal the relationship, he has decided to come forward to speak about his and Archie’s relations after he nearly lost his life.

“I originally had no intention of speaking publicly about any association with the Chief Justice or the allegations surrounding him. But I now feel obliged to respond in the light of an apparent attempt to kill me and extensive, sometimes misleading, media coverage in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Johnson.

“I believe the gun attack was an attempt to silence me. I was in fear for my life. The police were doing nothing to catch the shooter. That’s why I fled to the UK and have applied for asylum.”

Since late last year, the Trinidad and Tobago media have been investigating and hinting at a relationship between Johnson and the Chief Justice, Ivor Archie.

They have insinuated that the Chief Justice took Johnson on an official trip to Guyana and secured him “various improper favours”.

Archie, who is married, could also risk losing his job, prosecution and imprisonment if the relationship is proven – gay sex is illegal and punishable by a maximum sentence of 25 years imprisonment in Trinidad and Tobago.

British Human Rights campaigner is supporting Johnson’s bid to remain in the UK as he faces “a well-founded fear of persecution” in his home nation.

“I have spoken extensively to Dillian Johnson and assisted him with his asylum application. Based on the evidence he has shown me, I believe he has a well-founded fear of persecution in Trinidad and Tobago, including the possibility of being murdered. Already there has been one alleged attempt on his life and seemingly no police remedial action. I support his bid for refugee status in the UK,” said Mr Tatchell.

“Dillian Johnson held a high-powered job as a project superintendent with the Water & Sewage Authority in Trinidad and Tobago. He claims to have had knowledge of corruption there, which he says he unsuccessfully tried to expose.

“He admits that he directed water authority employees to do private work but alleges this was on the instructions of his supervisor. He says he informed more senior officials in the water authority that he was unhappy to do this and was told to get the job done.”

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago intend to investigate allegations of the existence of the relationship.