These 10 tweets from queer women on International Women’s Day will give you life

The internet can be a truly beautiful place.

Imagine a world without retweets, embarrassing Facebook posts from your Mum, or even laughing at some of the deplorable photos people upload of their culinary efforts on Instagram.

And today, of all of the wonderful days, has proven that the female queer community know what’s what when it comes to brilliant tweets on International Women’s Day.

Of course, lesbian and bi women have the joy of not only celebrating women, but being attracted to them too…

And the litany of queer idols come in many forms, and are being brought to light after being obfuscated in the writings of history, and sometimes tragedy:

And of course, we herald those who inspired our coming out journey:


But whatever way you identify, you know one thing – queer girls have always got your back – on International Women’s Day and beyond.