Transgender lottery winner Melissa Ede blocked from buying dream home

Melissa Ede, the transgender taxi driver who won £4 million from the National Lottery, has been rejected from buying her dream home

After winning the jackpot she fell in love with a five-bedroom property on a luxury development with its own duck pond, immediately setting out to buy the desirable pile.

Melissa, 57, says she had agreed to pay £440,000 for the pad, complete with furniture, and was looking forward to moving in with fiancee Rachel Nason, 37, and her five children within weeks.

But the dreams were shattered after neighbours in the new build estate in Nottingham, East Yorkshire, attempted to block the family from moving in.


She told the Mirror: “It was going to be our fairy-tale ending. All I wanted was mine and Rachel’s own little palace, a safe haven.

“All the kids were very excited about having their own bedrooms. It was the happy ending we’d dreamed of. It was stopped for some unknown reason. I feel terribly hurt by this.

“What did I do to deserve this sort of discrimination? Maybe I should still buy it and put a big statue of me in the drive with my middle finger up!”

All 10 home owners on the development are directors of Dunswell Park Management Ltd, paying towards grounds maintenance and insurance to keep the estate looking its best.

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After hearing who was moving in a meeting was held and a vote taken on whether the new occupants would be welcomed.

Ms Ede was shocked to discover her neighbours-to-be had rejected the sale.

They told her in a letter: “The directors of Dunswell Management Ltd have decided to refuse consent to the sale.”

Although they cannot stop her buying the house, Melissa said it left her feeling so “unwanted” and “deeply hurt” that she had no option but to pull out.

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The devastated mother fears that the current residents disliked media attention she has attracted in the past.

“We all know what it’s about really – my lifestyle,” she told the Mirror.

“I feel sorry for the poor lady whose house it is. She’s totally innocent in all this. I know she’s gutted about it. It was a cash sale and they had a house ready to move in to. I feel terrible for them.

“This has caused a lot of distress. The house is now back up for sale and I await to see if the next buyer is good enough for their select community.”


The trans YouTuber came into the fortune around New Year’s Eve, after buying a £10 scratchcard that would change her life.

She said it “just caught my eye” at a petrol station on her way to work – before finding out that she no longer needed to go to work and had won millions.