Britain’s highest-ranking transgender soldier marries actor in dreamy Disney wedding

Britain’s highest-ranking transgender soldier, Hannah Winterbourne, has married her long-term partner, actor Jake Graf, in a gorgeous Disney-themed wedding.

The pair tied the knot at Chelsea’s Town Hall in London.

Graf, 40, told PinkNews: “The ceremony was absolutely magical, held at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall, with all of our closest family and friends present.

© Paul Grace

“Hannah looked stunning, and we both cried as she walked down the aisle, as did many of our guests. We had two beautiful readings, and simple vows.

“The ceremony was lovely, and we cracked the glass underfoot following our vows in a throwback to my Jewish heritage,” he added.

“Hannah’s dress was by award-winning designer Ian Stuart, and I was dressed by top stylist Joe Woolfe, who also dresses Benedict Cumberbatch!

© Paul Grace

“Friends and family donated flowers, the cake, and generously contributed towards our surrogacy fund instead of giving us presents.

“It was a truly mind-blowing day,” he continued.

Graf revealed that the pair will be honeymooning in Tel Aviv, in May.


Winterbourne, 31, told The Sun that the day was “like a Disney movie”.

She added: “Growing up, I’d watch Disney films and there would always be a beautiful woman in a beautiful gown.

“You’d always look at feminine things and wish it could be you but I wasn’t able to express it.


“There are not many more things that are feminine than a bride in a beautiful wedding dress.”

The Army Captain said that she hadn’t even dreamed of such a day when she was small.

“I never thought when I was young it could happen to me,” said Winterbourne, who wore a strapless white gown.


“It was a pipe dream. Until I met Jake, I never realised it was a goal I could achieve.

“It’s not sunk in yet.”

Graf, who wore a navy suit and white tie – said he felt the same way.

“I never thought any of this was a possibility,” said Graf, who starred alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.

“Now I’ve got this beautiful Army captain wife and I’m so happy.”

The pair has been labelled a “power couple” by the media, but Graf said that he and Winterbourne were “just the same as everyone else, with our flaws and ups and downs — but a little bit different.”


Winterbourne, who will live with Jake in Army quarters, explained: “To me, I’m just another girl married to another guy.

“As you transition and meet someone new you kind of forget about your past.”

Winterbourne and Graf revealed they were engaged on ITV’s Lorraine, in September.

They explained how Jake proposed to Hannah while the couple were on holiday in New York, and said they hope to continue inspiring other trans people on their path to love.



Graf recalled: “It was one of the most nerve-wracking things.

“I’ve never felt nervous in front of her before; it took me a good two hours of rowing around before I plucked up the courage to get down on one knee.”

They were also determined to have a family together, despite any complications they may face.

Graf, who went viral last year with a short film he wrote and directed, called Headspace, said: “Surrogacy is probably the way for us. But I think we wouldn’t be happy without kids.



“It’s not going to be that easy for us but we will find a way.”

Winterbourne also told Lorraine that they enjoyed being role models for others.

“We’re really proud to be out there and help other people,” she said.

“It’s always seemed weird to think about it, it almost sounds arrogant, but we’re just us really.”



Graf added: “Trans people look to us and say we have given them hope when finding love.

“And my biggest concern when I was starting my transition, and I think it was Hannah’s as well, was never finding love because I think trans people are made to feel ugly and not worthy of love.

“So if we’re inspiring a new generation of trans people to find someone for them, that is a huge honour and something that I am very proud of.”