Queer Eye has a big surprise and it’s great news for fans

Did you see that Queer Eye has “just” been renewed for a second season? Well, about that…

Earlier this week we brought you news that Netflix had decided to order a second season of reality makeover show Queer Eye after it became a breakout hit online.

Well, that’s definitely kind of true – but it turns out they may have been fibbing about the timeline.

It has now been revealed that the show’s future was already secure, because the second season was secretly filmed before the first even went to air and is pretty much “ready to go”.

How’s that for a plot twist?

Interior design expert Bobby Berk made the confession in an interview with Variety, when he was asked if season two would take on feedback from fans.

Queer Eye

The design guru admitted: “These we actually shot right at the tail of the first season.

“So, they’ve already been shot and they’re ready to go. There’s not anything we’ve learned since then because we did shoot these already [before season one aired].”

The news that all the upcoming episodes are already in the can is great news for fans, as it probably means the show’s second outing will be coming a lot sooner than expected.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye creator David Collins also hinted that the show – which changed its name from the original ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ – would live up to its more inclusive name in season two with a range of diverse participants.

He said: “The cool part about it is our episodic heroes continue to be diverse and very interesting. The storylines continue to break down those conversations and surprise you.

“We get to see a lot of those new perspectives.”

Queer Eye

Bobby hinted: “One of the things I’m most excited about for the new season is the continuation of diversity, even more so than the last season.

“Without giving anything away, with our heroes, you’re going to be seeing a lot more different people than you did the first time.

“A lot of people have been asking, ‘Why are you just working with straight guys?’ Or we did have one gay guy. And I’m like, ‘Stay tuned for season two. You’ll see a lot more diversity’.”

The cast member teased that one episode would explore religious themes, saying: “There is an episode that we really go in deep on religion. It’s going to be one that people are going to be very excited to see.

“Not only does it change a lot of our hearts, but you definitely see the hearts of people we’re working with change and you see the hearts of an entire religious community change.”