Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan play gay dads in new rom com ‘Ideal Home’

A trailer has been released for upcoming comedy Ideal Home – which stars Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd as a gay couple.

Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan and Ant-Man‘s Paul Rudd star in the upcoming film, in which they play a troubled married couple with an extravagant life.

Coogan plays celebrity chef Erasmus in the new romantic comedy from The Craft director Andrew Fleming, whose relationship with husband Paul is flipped upside down when he discovers he has a long-lost grandson.

The pair decide to take in the 10-year-old boy, played by Jack Gore, after he turns up with nowhere to go.

However, they struggle to adapt their lifestyle to raising the child.

From the trailer, the film leans heavily in on the gay jokes in a mostly-affirming way, exploring their gay porn collection and campy affectations.

After its premiere earlier this year at the 2018 Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney, the film is set for a theatre release on June 21.

A blurb for the film states: “Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd star as Erasmus and Paul, two long term lovers whose bickering is as epic as their fabulous parties. When the grandson Erasmus never knew he had shows up at their doorstep one night the pair are plunged unpreparedly into parenthood.

“This hilarious comedy is a bawdy and surprisingly touching look at the many shapes and forms that families come in. Coogan and Rudd are wonderful as two men trying to figure out how to fit a child into their already complicated and full life.

“Not to be outshined, Jack Gore as their young charge delivers a stoic and spikey performance as a problem child desperate for some stability.

“Despite Ideal Home’s outrageous take on family values, it’s tribute to real life LGBTIQ families during the closing credits is genuinely heartwarming.”

Ant-Man star Paul Rudd was previously forced to deny being a real-life superhero – after a video appeared to show him tackling a violent homophobe in Dallas airport.

A clip surfaced online that showed a man bellowing anti-gay slurs and hitting out at passers-by before an onlooker with a strong resemblance to Rudd helped security to tackle the man.

The star’s reps insisted he was hundreds of miles away and had not taken up crimefighting.